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I dreamed I won a contest in which I could become male for about 24 hours. I realized I still liked men and thought yes! this will be very useful for my writing! Talk about taking your job seriously. Speaking of contests, The Gentleman and the Rogue just finaled in the Passionate Plume contest.

Summer has finaled in that contest twice before (for two novellas, "Invisible Touch" and "Knight's Challenge") and I was sure I had saved a little widget thingy to show off, but apparently I didn't plaster it all over the place. Summer is a doot when it comes to promo, I guess. They may send me another widget and if they do, I'll be sure to save it here. It's a nice one.

What I read last week: Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, which I've already reviewed elsewhere. I enjoyed that sucker. I think I loved it, in fact. I still wonder why the hell Larry, who knew there was more to life, stayed put and went into that damn garage every day, but I guess southern gothic doesn't feature real people. The book mostly worked for me. The shifts back and forth through time was only slightly disconcerting. The writing was sometimes lovely.

AND I read Konrath's Shaken. Man, that guy has a thing for serial killers and for banter. It was escapist fun, if you like reading about torture for fun. I liked the book okay which means I'm a sick cookie. Nothing memorable or amazing, but nothing made me set it aside, which I did with a book about Gideon Crew (his name always is stated that way: Gideon Crew). Gideon's He's not much there. The first scene was pretty amazing--a kid watching his father get shot. Not that I enjoyed it--I am not a sicko character from Shaken--but it was vivid and real.

After that, I didn't believe the story much and I'm pretty easy to convince. Heck, I stuck with Shaken and it had three serial killers bopping around the city, dispatching hos and others at an alarming rate. Okay, maybe I didn't believe it, but I guess it didn't start out any differently from where it ended up.

Okay, realism isn't the issue here. Damn. Now I have to think about why Gideon's Sword bugged me and Shaken didn't. Maybe the main character didn't grab me. Gideon came across as a mix of Ted Kaczynski and James Bond, neither of whom are quite human.

Or maybe I'll go eat some chocolate to celebrate finaling in that contest instead.


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