I suppose it's inevitable

Diane Wynn Jones, Judith Merkle Riley, Edith Layton...all these writers keeling over. I found an author whose work I really love and went to read about him. Yay! He's younger than me! he'll keep producing as long as I need him.

I better write to him and warn him not to pull an Emma Jensen.

* * * * *
If Horatio Alger released his top seller RAGGED DICK today, it would have to be one wicked BDSM title. (yeah, I tweeted that, but really I don't want to be alone with that imagery. Also what price MOBY DICK?)

* * * * *
Today's earworms are a series of Al Stewart songs. The tunes are meh, but at least the lyrics are interesting.

I'm just enough of a hypochondriac to wonder if earworms are a sign of BDS (brain dissolving syndrome) Anyway. I'm going to Pandora on to drive out "On the Border" and "Chelsea Hotel" and get back to writing a cheerful pot dealer who's going to cause trouble for The Hero.


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