5 of 5 stars for Mad Baron

Once again I'm posting a review (this one's from Romanceaholic) all over the internet, but honestly, the first couple of reviews for a book are such a relief -- when they're good, I mean.

This is my first Summer Devon novel, but I must say that she is incredibly skilled with both sexual tension and tasty love scenes.

The urge to say HEY! YAY! is extremely hard to suppress. But I swear this is the last copy/paste-paste-paste-paste HEY! YAY! I'll do. At least for this book. Although I don't guarantee I'll shut up on those yahoo groups.

I'd go on a tangent about how annoying it is to see self promo everywhere, but you already know that.

* * * *

Aw, back to grim non-romance-based reality: my poor middle guy is sick as a dog. blearuuuuugh--during school vacation week too.


  1. Congratulations! Glad you finally got the Baron published. It's a good story.


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