books to travel, a short whine

What do you do in the car?

I have rituals and I need books for travel. Regular books, not books about traveling. When I drive any distance greater than 50, 10 5 miles, I require either light and fluffy (and I mean Wodehouse light) or, even better, something new but familiar -- and fluffy-ish. The best answer is always a series book, with characters I've met before.

I went off looking for a new book in series I follow, and no one is coming through for me here. Michael Connelly? Robin Hobbs? Terry Pratchett? Patricia Briggs? Suzanne Brockman? SEP?

Hello? I need a new audio book NOW. This minute.

I'll even listen to the gruesome Kindle audio reader, if I have to.

Sigh. Spenser would be perfect (I can interact with those audio books, occasionally shouting "Shut UP, Susan!" And I'm finally used to the way Joe Mantegna reads) but, alas.......At least Parker has a good excuse.


No one's coming through for me this second. I need to learn to store some books as back-up instead of reading them the second I get my hands on them.


  1. Joshilyn Jackson, maybe?

  2. Not a name I know. Time to google. I'm okay--I discovered an unread McMaster Bujold.

    It was so good, getting lost during a rainy/windy night in backwoods Litchfield didn't bother me. Much.

  3. You need to get 3 Men in a Boat, and then Connie Willis' To Say Nothing of the Dog. Light fluffy good time guaranteed.

  4. Yes. Absolutely perfect books. Too bad I didn't save them up for a rainy day.

  5. Terry Pratchett's Fool is out in audio . . . or have you already read it?

  6. You mean Christopher Moore's Fool? I heard it! Good reader. (Our local library has an amazing online audio book selection.)


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