hey a Summer and Bonnie book out on November 2

How far in advance does one bother to hype an ebook? And how should one do that? Yes, we've both been doing this for years but I'm always looking for tips, especially since the online world changes every few months days hours or so.

Less than a month away and we're just hanging around. Actually I'm doing edits on my next book, but that's fine.

We don't even have a cover yet. I'm not worried about that because
1. so far, our Loose-Id covers have been gorgeous
2. I care more about the content
3. I'm convinced there really isn't a need in the world to push ebooks hard until the book is out and about.

The rules of print publishing don't apply because the whole print run thing is based on pre-orders. Nope, not an issue. We don't need to gather momentum months beforehand for basic survival.

I have to admit that my lack of pre-publication hoopla is based on personal experience -- most of my ebook purchases have been impulse buys and it's impossible to shop impulsively if there's nothing to click on in the BUY NOW slot. When I read an excerpt, and then click to buy, I get annoyed when it's pre-order. Immediate gratification is what my Kindle and I are all about

Getting the publicity out there is important and I know Bonnie and I aren't the best at that. (Sorry, Bonnie) So what should we do to improve our promo odds? When do we start? What do we do? Any new hints this week?


  1. Just suggestions but when I worked in a publishing house we did 6 week leads up to the book release date. For epub I'm sure that's different but it never hurts to give yourself a rough time frame like that. Do you have a newsletter to send out to your fans/readership? Is there a LinkedIn group you can join to post your release date? Can you Twitter excerpts from your book to your fan base or create a Twitter page for it?

  2. Making a note to check Loose Id next month :)

  3. Okay, good check list, Tara. Thanks!


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