me being political again and short SBD

I can only hope Kimberly doesn't read this. It'll make her cranky.

Anyway, a year or so ago I went on about why I freaking appreciate government and why I think the corporate world can't do it all for us. (If you want a fine extreme example of capitalism running the world, read the first couple of chapters of The Supernaturalists. The sponsorship of orphans and using them as lab rats to make them pay their way. Chilling. Too easy to imagine)

And then, from the world of nonfiction, I read about the fire company that watched the house burn down and thought, yeah, see? Dammmit.

I'm growling around the house wishing conservatives and others would latch onto something else other than the issue of that dangerous, nasty public teat called government. Sure, sure, there's waste. Yes. Okay. Good idea to deal with it.

But don't throw the baby, the bathwater, the tub and the whole freaking second floor out, ya goofballs. This isn't an emergency. If you're in the mood for crusading against something urgent that is causing ruination, shine that fanatical searchlight on something HARMFUL rather than a flawed system that could use some repairs.

How's about pollution/ global warming for a change? That's been such a left-y issue for so long, can't y'alls take it up for a while? I'm racking my small brain for something hateful/dangerous you guys to rally around. (because that's always easier to take up causes against rather than work for the improvement something.) How about the blight of tomato stealing squirrels. Damned foreign squirrels coming in over the borders ---- clearly defined borders, goddamn it, with guards---to steal the green tomatoes on my deck.

Never mind. SO but it's really SBD and I should be thinking about books. My useless growling, like yours, won't do anything ...... so SBD instead. I did read a book, I liked by the way. Yay. Karin Slaughter--my first one by her. I loved that thing, though it left me glum and sad for just about every one in the story. I also read Dexter's latest, Dexter is Delicious. I love his voice, but the plot didn't do much for me this time.

Soulless Killers this week. Next week, maybe more romance. Or maybe not.


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