I can't help it, I like Christine O'Donnell. As Maher said, she's crazy as a loon but she's a nice person. You don't get that with a lot of ideological politicians. They're ambitious and hungry and know how to look sane in public but they have their Beliefs, things they Know to be True and, by God (often), they're gonna push those beliefs down our throats.

O'Donnell is filled with the same passionate bull and is determined that it's her way that'll save us all....but she's so likeable and so sweetly flawed in her tiny lies that you forgive her. No way in hell or heaven I'd vote for her, but I wish her well. If something truly nasty surfaces about her (not all the silly and entertaining junk currently winging around) I won't feel schadenfreude. And I'm in the camp of people who cackle with glee when the anti-homosexual ranter -- especially those with the power to make people miserable -- gets outted.

I imagine that in forty years she'll be that dotty old neighbor who knocks on your door and insists on pressing lurid pamphlets into your hand and offering you extremely stale cookies. And after you feed her tea and choke down the horrible cookies (because she's just so pleasant, you don't want to hurt her feelings), you discover the pamphlet is all about hell fire and how there's no butter in hell and you're doomed.


  1. Oh boy. I think I like her a little now, too. What was Gawker thinking? She just got a ton of votes from women who don't shave down there.


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