it's SBD, a meta version so far

and I think I've got to take this smart bitches day Book Reviewing thing SERIOUSLY because 2, count them TWO mainstream publisher promo-types have written to me, asking, "hey, honey, how's about we give you some free books if you review 'em?" **

I suspect that anyone who has the word "book" on their website/blog gets that same treatment, but listen: Mainstream publishers. Attention.

I will put out for you. I will review. I will read your books and give you something in return.

The trouble is I'm more of a wife than a professional Lady of Negotiable Affection. You can't buy my love. I don't do fake orgasms for you, babe. But if I love you? I will pile it on to an embarrassing degree.

So no more reviews like "god, I hated this book, but I couldn't begin to tell you why."

I'll strive for pull-quotability just for you, babe.

**those poor bastards must be desperate.

Also, speaking of stupid ideas, I told one of them "you've published my work before" Um. No, actually they hadn't. I'd forgotten the name of the one big publisher who put out some Summer Devon. Simon and Schuster hasn't called or written in so long, no wonder I'd forgotten its name.

Now Kensington, ah, I will never forget you, Kensington. You were my first love. And the sad fact is, if you send me books to review, and they're from your debut series (are they still running that?????) I'm afraid I will be unfair. You and Hilary broke my heart. Mostly Hilary--I miss that woman.


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