1. I just added this blog to my goodreads feed. I'm not sure how I managed to do that but woo, cool.

2. My dreams have been so vivid lately, I want to go to sleep to catch the latest.

3. 1 part cranberry juice, 1 part oj, 10 parts water--> I've been drinking that for years and the kids all laugh at me. And now it's apparently all the rage; I paid $3 for an 12 oz bottle of some healthy stuff at Whole Foods that tasted just like it.

4 . for anyone still interested in the crap car, the car I bought by accident, the car that Gene Weingarten loved and wrote about more than once, the car that made me famous, and then made every man who's ever read or written smut--and every woman who hates the term smut--despise me. . . . . We got the title for that very car a couple of days ago, and in big letters across the bottom of the title are the words MILEAGE EXCEEDS MECHANICAL LIMITS. We can guess at that meaning.

5. My baby's voice is cracking. It's funny and we all laugh at him, even those of us who don't mean to -- because life at that age is hard enough, for god's sake .


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