about that cant. . .

We have gotten a couple of reviews for The Gentleman and The Rogue and one person wondered if the slang we used was real.


I fished all the phrases from this great book.

I recently also bought these volumes online. The good thing about this slang dictionary is that it has the dates of usage listed. Trouble is---as Erastes (who frequently shows up at this site) pointed out---you have to know the phrase you're looking. Can't go looking for a common word (something like"leg") and find its various nicknames.

But that means I have an excuse to just sit and flip through these things looking for fun words.

Jeez, I love this stuff.


  1. Whoa. Those slang dictionaries would be really handy for a lot of projects, not least of which being my current "pirates, zombies, wizard, and dragon" WiP, set in the 17th century.

    Unless they don't go that far back...?


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