here's what I am worried about

I'm slogging through a story, 25K words into it and it's not coming together. I had a brief rant over it yesterday and one of my two crit partners who've been complaining about the meh story suggested I take a break and write the book of my heart.

I have no book of my heart.

At the moment I don't seem to have any particular books at all--not even of the liver or brain or kneecaps. I sit down and write because that's what I'm supposed to do. Then I end up with a slog, apparently. Soggy slog, a bog of chapters.

So do I keep slogging, waiting for the book to appear?
Do I take a break?
Take another walk? It is absolutely gorgeous out (no, that isn't the issue.)

I'm used to this sort of thing happening temporarily. Heck, everyone I know who's written more than a couple of books gets this condition eventually. But my boggy brain fizzle has been going on since about the middle of my last Bonnie cowritten book. I had to force that out. Luckily Bonnie was there to de-slog it for us.

No one wants to read a fluffy romance with no sense of fun, forced ha, ha, yay enthusiasm. I don't want to write 'em either.

Ah well. Until I can figure out another solution, I'm going to start work in a half hour. Sit down, put on the Wellies and head into the great dismal swamp. At least there's something on the page.


  1. I hear you. I go through periods like that, too. I'm usually juggling multiple projects in order to pay the bills, and sometimes they ALL feel like a slog.

    What I find helpful is to change scenery. Go somewhere new, even if it's only a short distance away -- a park, a beach, a walk in a different direction, a walk in a hedge maze or a labyrinth and not think about any of the books.

    The other thing that sometimes helps is not allowing myself to write ANYTHING for a set period of days, be it three days or a week. As soon as I'm "not allowed to write", all I want to do is write.

    And, finally, when the brain ache is too much, I go to a museum and look at paintings. Something about paint on canvas unlocks the stuck bits.

    Hang in there.

  2. Yeah, good list of ideas. Thanks!

  3. I still say better to write something than nothing at all. Even if it's boggy. That's what CPs are for. Sometimes I get really excited by the polished product even when I didn't love getting it down on paper the first time.

    Writing somewhere else and switching writing materials (a great pen and paper) help me too. Watching a bunch of movies and vegging out... Hard to make myself come back from that state, though.

  4. If Barbaran O'Neal runs another voice class, you should take it. Meanwhile, check your email I'm sending you one of the hand-outs.


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