SBD I'm listening to a romance on a tape

We were almost at the end and yes! Yes! The black moment is here. Right on time, just like a well-run commuter train.

Heroine! surprised while in a cave by evil bad guy.

The Villain is laying out all his plans and his reasons for all his evvvvveeeeeeeel actions. Heroine asks questions to keep him talking! This must have gone on for pages and pages. (I must say that that the reader sounds like she's having fun.) But honestly, why is this guy telling the heroine everything? Except for our benefit, of course. ON and ON and ON. . .

It was you! You killed your daughter!

Any moment now... Good god, maybe the tide turn and drown these people. One can hope but one knows what comes next.

Are we right?

Oh! will he? When? will he? Where, oh, where is he?

The hero? Will he be there any second.

And YES! The hero is there.

Both men are going down with a sickening horrifying thud.

I will kill you the way I killed your brother!

Oh, shut up, dude, we already know all about that. You babbled about it to the heroine.

Okay, I can turn this off because the whole weeping forgive-me-for-being-a-brainless-twit scene will be too much. Much too much.


Only, no, I didn't turn it off and the very end wasn't so bad. Nothing as purple as I'd predicted. And aha! There we are. A very pregnant heroine and the tender fierce overprotective hero.


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