ok NOW you can buy it

Protecting Miss Samuels is out today.

I wish ARe listed the books in order of appearance instead of popularity. Of course if my book showed up on the first page or even the top of the third, I wouldn't be writing that.
Redacted by order of someone smart who points out I should shut the HELL up about this sort of thing. But not erased because, jeez.

I'm very popular. Very. And did you know Seducing Stephen is getting great reviews? Really nice words about our book. Next post will be all about those awesome reviews.

In other news, Bonnie, our editor and I are renaming one of our stories that will be released soon. It's amazing how hard it is to come up with titles that don't sound overwrought or vague or silly.

Just saying.

My current favorite title (not for our book, mind you) is I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President

That fits the ticket Jody Novins described. Catchy and tells you a lot about the book and its genre.


  1. Seducing Stephen? I would have voted for Sucking Stephen Senseless. If you're going for an alliterative title, I mean.

  2. Just read that review of SS and now I know what Summer's new genre of choice is. If your sons haven't disowned you yet, well . . .

  3. Good things my kids are extremely tolerant. And it's Summer Devon writing that stuff, not Kate Rothwell.

    Hey, I go where the readers are. There are a huge number of m/m readers--and they're a surprisingly articulate, passionate bunch. (No, I'm not just saying that.)

    When we were trying to come up with a new title, one of us (not me) suggest "Buggering Benjamin" and said maybe we should rename one of the main characters just to make the title work.

    Okay time to go visit Doug!!!!!!!!

  4. Cornholing Curtis?

    Rogering Roger?

    Chasing Amy?

    Whoops, wrong genre . . .

    Word verification: Anolac.

    No comment.


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