only posting because it's been a day or so

This is when I'm glad I'm not an administrator or a teacher or anyone with power over kids--mother doesn't really count. Unless I do something fairly hideous, no one's going to whine about me. No one other than my kids and eh, I've heard all that before.

I haven't checked this story with TPTB but my youngest said that two kids from his middle school were given a two day ISS (In school suspension) because they put up a facebook fan page called [teacher's name] is a Bitch. What's more a bunch of other kids joined (300 he said)

I posted about it over at facebook and here's the thing: every person who commented struck me as basically right and there wasn't a lot of agreement. Yes, the little chickens should face consequences of their disrespect was the one thing that people agreed on. But what should the consequences be? And who should administer them? And what the heck is the point of ISS? What about first amendment rights? Where are the parents? Who decides what's overkill? Blah blah blah blah etc.

Anyway. All the conversation about one dumb little incident reminds me of a basic fact.
To be an administrator you have to be extremely confident and fair to everyone and I don't see how those two things always go together.

Also I'm really glad I'm not a teacher at least of middle school kids. I walk into that building and start sweating, all left over responses from a gazillion years ago.....and I didn't even go to that school.


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