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I'm so spoiled. There haven't been any reviews for Seducing Stephen for more than twenty-four hours and I'm all, well? Where''s today's rave review?

Somebody Wonderful got a lot of attention, but that was a Kate Rothwell book. This is the first time Summer's gotten so much attention. It must all be Bonnie. She's the reason. I mean, yeah, Summer's won awards and gotten fan letters now and again. But not nearly the attention Stephen is pulling in. I love it.

Here are some of them (okay, most of the ones I could find):

. . . .I was impressed by Seducing Stephen. It's being added to my short list of favorite m/m historicals.
--jmc (who was nice enough to hold a contest for the book so I wouldn't have to)

"If you like historicals then I would highly recommend that you read Seducing Stephen, which gets a grade of 'Excellent' from me. You won't regret it."

--jenre (well read blogspot)

“Seducing Stephen” turns the oft-used cliche of mistaken identity/mistaken sexual partners on its head and makes it seem new once more. Authors Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon give readers reasons to be enticed into this story, a pleasant surprise for this reviewer, who wasn't certain this was possible.

--Rainbow Reviews (five out of five stars)

A must read love story
--Sidney Octavian (Over at Goodreads)

There’s a really nice character-fuelled story here, and characters with real feelings, pride, idiocy – people who make mistakes and say stupid things and regret them. People who hurt each other for good reasons – and for reasons perhaps more selfish.

I’ll certainly be looking out for any future historicals these authors do, that’s for sure.


the whole thing works splendidly. The melodrama, I find, is compelling rather than overblown and ridiculous. The characters' larger than life reactions to their emotions only enhance the illicit thrill of their taboo relationship.

--Mrs. Giggles (85)

I really liked Seducing Stephen; it was an enjoyable historical tale with sexy man-on-man action and a romance that really touched my heart.
When it comes to historical romances I’m a big sap for the rake-to-romantic hero and in Seducing Stephen Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon created one that’s unforgettable.

--Kathy K at Ebook Addict.


  1. Don't forget Rainbow Reviews:
    Rainbow Reviews, Permafrost, 5 stars
    Seducing Stephen turns the oft-used cliche of mistaken identity/mistaken sexual partners on its head and makes it seem new once more. ... the story captivates from page 1, when the twists in the plot line begin, and tension ~ both sexual and emotional ~ escalate.

    The success is due to the fact that rake/virgin is a story people are extremely familiar with and love, but which they're also sick to death of because it's been done a bazillion times. We gave layers to our characters and made it fresh again. Plus, m/m is an emerging hot genre. That helps a lot.

    Plus, Kate, we just right gud, espeshully together.


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