open the door, hun, more cheesy whiffs of fame!

Gene Weingarten and I have a chat.

1. No, I didn't say most of that. I said versions of many of those words but they've been ...reshaped. It's not a real interview. It's a humor column--his humor column. (I wrote "his humor, his column" except I laughed, a lot, so I guess it's my humor too.)

2. yes, that picture really does look just like me in a red wig and Gene with a Fabio doo.

3. have I mentioned how much Mike loves that POS crap car? It's not great in the snow, but he still drives it, always and always.


  1. I just read you and Weingarten--very funny, and he did let you have the last word.

    We had an early delivery of the Wash Post weekend stuff today as we're expecting 30" (snow, that is. Hard, rigid, unrelenting snow).


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