a release today! WHOOPS, In a week.

My story for 28 Days of Heart is out today in a week. On the 18th. All the profit from the sale goes to the American Heart Association.

He was supposed to guard her and ended up loving her. Kitty Samuels has to do more than hide from her father's workers. She has to accept the ugly truth about the mill he's run. Only with the help of a stranger will she be able to escape her past and face the future. He thought he'd been hired to protect a mindless chit but when Ned Wallace was forced into action, he had to admit to himself that Miss Samuels is more than a pretty face. Now he must keep her safe from an angry mob…and from himself.

It's still listed as pre-order, but that should change any minute on the 18th. [oops] And the great thing about ARe is that the link will still work even after the story goes from pre-order to available.


  1. I think that cover is beautiful, but it does kind of look like she's wearing pop-beads doesn't it?

  2. Ha! I know those beads looked familiar. Big plastic beads that are fun to chew on.

    There's also the matter of the cleavage but eh, at least she's got a pleasant face.


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