Happy Birthday Tom!

Not that you read my blog (thank goodness you don't) but can I just say that you are the cutest thing, ever? And that I love you? Here in public? Shouting it out!

Our boy Tom is a good guy and that's such a relief. We're going 3 for 3 here and I know we're blessed.

Today I'm ignoring the hubris worry** because Yay! Thomas has a birthday.

**never, ever state one's good fortune as if it was permanent fact. The gods are just looking for preeners like you. Even if you disguise your happiness as a prayer of thanks, they will hear you complacent joy and come down on you like a 1-ton concrete wall in Haiti. I used to think this automatic hubris worry was part of my half-Jewish blood and conditioning (we're all capable of racism) but now I think it's probably due to being 100% human.


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