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happy birthday to me. I got a gazillion twitters, facebook greetings, and flowers from my sister and a box o' chocolates from Margaret. The two boys and mike and I went to Whole Foods and impulse shopped. Woulda been cheaper to go to a restaurant as it turned out, but we did get some yummy sample stuff.

I didn't make a birthday cake for the first time in years because my best birthday present ever is off at college and didn't need one from me. And I got this randomness from BOY2 who is currently my favorite boy ever because he's the one who came thru. He is zippy zen.


  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPY Birthday to you
    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPY Birthday to you
    You look like a skunk
    And smell like one too.

    I think that's what we used to sing in grammar school.
    And no, I haven't progressed.

    Sending you virtual chocolate. Not as good, but less fattening.

  2. Happy birthday, Miss Kate.

  3. Oh hey happy birthday! Happy birthday to Andrew too!

  4. Happy birthday to us! and many happy returns of the day.

    No blog entry for me today. Too wiped.

  5. Anonymous4:48 AM

    I didn't forget. I thought about you and Andrew 493 times yesterday. I meant to call you. Luckily I wished you happy birthday several days ago. I hope it was a good one. xxoo

  6. Thanks you guys! I love them birthday wishes.

    Hope you got to celebrate somewhat too, Doug.

  7. Happy bidet Rotthers

  8. Belated b-day wishes :)


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