SBD--two of my favorite blogs

Corn dog struck with an axe and chopped it down. Beth is just having a life. But damn, I miss them already. More than I miss the comics, more than I miss Emma Jensen's fluffy goodness. And you can't make me stop doing SBD which is about stuff I read, okay? Since I get to define it at the moment.

But le sigh.

Turns out my favorite sort of blogs aren't book review blogs or promo blogs or even kerfuffle blogs but the bits of people's lives now and then blogs. The "scene just outside the window, the weird plant I found on the walk home, the exchange I overheard on the bus" blogs. Those blogs have the rants that make me either want to say GO! YEAH or Huh, never thought of it like that. And then there are the occasional reflections on the past or the future and those make me want to weep because I'm reminded of the amazing resilience of people.

I don't have the same urge to abandon this blog because I don' think I usually put as much of myself into mine as they do theirs. So it'll never be as lovely or thoughtful as theirs. On the other hand, quantity rather than quality means I'm always here. Waving! Hi!

Write again soon, guys, even if it isn't a heart-breaking, life-afirming personal essay. Just go for the life-afirming one. A quick line to say "still out here, living."

JMC? Suisan? Anyone else got an SBD today? It is Monday. :::More sighing:::


  1. I have an SBD sort of brewing in the back of my brain. It's about the train wrecks that I've been reading lately. Not strictly in the romance genre, though.

  2. Tracy MacNish2:06 PM

    I'm just tired.

  3. Here it is, although I didn't really get to the heart of what I was thinking. I'm just feeling inarticulate lately.

  4. I've read lots but am distracted with annoying Moms at school at the moment and will blog about it because I need to vent.

    Also wanting to blog about the two newest P&P adaptation shown recently on TV. One was Bollywood and was...scary. The other is modern and a current series where modern girl is thrown back in time into the story - only she screws up the whole story. Jane marries Mr. Collins?! Cannot be!!

    But I think you are awesome to keep the SBD Flame aglow!

  5. Tracy, here's some coffee.
    JMC, thank you.
    Lyvvie, I want to see them, now. I am so in the mood for P&P and I blame you.
    Beth is back, btw. PHEW.

  6. btw, Tracy? Coffee comes with a price. Dance, girl, DANCE and sing and post and whatnot.

  7. I'm still here but I did take a buzz saw to the blog. It's quick too. They don't even ask a confirmation question. At least I don't think they did. That was a whole 10 minutes ago.


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