I'm all Palin'd out

I'm ready for the end of stories about how wildly horribly inappropriate SP is. Not even counting the family stuff, I'm talking about political stuff. Anyway. The Sarah Story is too much. It's like a blog kerfuffle (bloffle)--and after a while you start to feel like you need a shower. A really really long shower because for once, the stakes really matter. Give me some author acting like a big arse with her readers. Not nightmares about the people running the country. I don't want to see any more of that really, really ineffectual man behind that curtain for now.

But I still enjoys emails like this "She lives kinda near Russia so she's a foreign policy expert. I'm about an hour from the ocean. Can I call myself a marine biologist?"

So enough, enough. How about books?

I have the Good Books all lined up but I'm out of escapist trash. Got any ideas? I'm sort of sick of spies and murder in rrrrromance. If I'm going to do murder, how about a mystery.


  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I'm watching the Palin news with all the horrified interest of someone watching a train crash. She is so tacky, so red-neck, so 'little woman' it just grinds my teeth.
    And to think that the Republicans perliky claim "women can identify with her." and "Life happens."
    Shit happens to, and I can't identify with a woman who didn't horsewhip her pregnant 17 yr old and drag her to the abortion clinic.

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM

    It's me Sam, I'm just too lazy to sign in (and spell check too, obviously, lol.)

  3. Yo, Sam! Hi. Yeah, she's no one I'd want for a pal, personally sort of a scuz. But her personal life, eh, it's interesting but I don't expect I want to be pals with many politicians. Self-aggrandizing power hungry people are not much fun.

    The thing that gives me the willies is how badly Mccain failed on vetting her.

    I mean it took the press only a couple of days to find out the woman lies like a rug and when it comes to politics, she's in the same corrupt boat as Stevens.

    Mccain's just like W, impulsive, pushing an agenda before the facts or in. No interest in taking the time to discover the truth beyond the pretty surface.

    Just makes me more convinced that I want my country run by wonks and plodding academic elitists who do too much research.

  4. Hmm.. I know who'd I'd vote for if I was American. But I'm not, so I can't.

    On a different topic, there's a book on its way to you (is it there yet? how about now?) with no spies, but there is a murder or two. Or three.

    If you want something more escapist than that (but still really good, and serious under the lightness) then download Kelly Hunter's Bedded for Diamonds from Harlequin. Crappy title, Very. Good. Book. Not at all the usual Presents.

    Yes, she's a friend of mine, but pimping friend's books is okay, when they're great :-)

  5. I like those #1 Ladies' Detective Agency books. Very soothing. It'll clean the Palins right out of you.


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