some regrets (not thirteen yet)

1. I didn't name any of my kids Walter Thomas Fairchild or Wallace Theodore Francis or William Tamsin Franklin. Initials matter and those would have been great.
2. I didn't get a cat before my husband got all anti-feline and huffy about it.
3. I didn't plant enough tomatos. Never, never enough tomatoes.
4. I didn't go for a better color blue in the dining room and I should have removed the switchplates before painting
5. I didn't sell, sell, sell.
6. I didn't finish the work I was supposed to do yesterday. Or the work I was supposed to do last week.
7. I didn't start that novel. Or finish that other one.
8. I started this list because it's a gorgeous day and I'd rather be outside.

well, that's an easy one.

Bye! There might be thirteen, but don't hold your breath. I'm my own boss and, sad to say, I'm really losing control over the crew these days. Arrrr. There be a sad lack of discipline which leads to mutiny. Maybe for TLAPD I'll overthrow control of this ship and go get a 9-5 job at last.


  1. Wendy Tamara Finney. That made me LOL.

  2. Heh. What about Letitia Olivia Litton.

    Playing with names reminds me of The Wonderful O, the children's book by Thurber. He messes around with names. When all Os are banned from society, Ophelia Oliver was so embarrassed she vanished from the haunts of man.

  3. Anonymous3:03 PM

    anyone here know what has become of rubber corn dog?

    her site "has been removed."

    i hope everything is all right. i know she's had some serious health problems.

    please email or post if you know what happened.

    my best wishes to her, her family and friends.


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