SBD--another all about meee

Not about the release coming up because, lordy, now I'm all in a sweat. Two bad/meh reviews. I've never had two bad in a row. Seriously, I have been very spoiled through all of my books--almost always I hit reviewers that like my stuff (and yes, that's not false modesty, that's knowing how it words--subjectively) But now, I forget that basic truth and am in the mode of Yikes! oh NO! I can't write! I'm DONE! Oh, NOOOoooooo.

And that's boring, even for me. I might hunt down the two reviews (the only two I've gotten) post the good bits, and make you have to google if you want to read the meh/ugh parts. It seems only fair.

So okay SBD is about reading as a writer. Saturday I went to a Mary Buckham workshop (and she's great, btw.) that reminded me about scene and sequel, and hooks and I'd forgotten about them. Not exactly forgotten, just not thought about them. And much as it's good to be reminded of this stuff, and shove it all into the active part of the brain, there are consequences. When I pick up a book, I start counting hooks. And I start noticing when scene and sequel are reversed. The writer's brain is not welcome when I'm reading unless I want to figure out why a book works or doesn't and I just don't. I do NOT want to be a writer when I read.

I want to read Jennifer Cruise for good escapist fun, not for Craft. But it'll be at least a week before my writer brain shuts up. In the meantime, I'll read non-fiction and maybe literary stuff. It'll have to be really edgy literary because even those guys follow the hook 'em in stuff. I guess it's back to the old writers who don't hold so tight to the rules. Been a while since I read Northanger Abbey. I bet I'll see hooks everywhere though. Yeah, I can even think of them right off the bat. First line of P and P. Hook.

That's all.


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