don't worry, anon

corn dog just decided to dump the blog. She sez she's done it before. She's a woman of impulse, I suppose. There are a couple of notes from her in my comments.

Too bad all those lovely stories are off into the void. Kind of like those mandelas that the priests make of sand and then destroy.

I'm wondering about the point of blogging too. I used to have a huge audience-a couple hundred a day--and its dwindled. Most peeps would say that's the sign this blog's day is done and I should sign off.

But naw. It's fun and I guess as long as that's true, why not?

I suspect by now people get that having a blog isn't much of a marketing tool (except if you're someone like PBW. She comes off as a professional and that has to improve her writerly presence and aura) ....unless you promote the hell out of the blog and why do that when you're supposed to be promoting the books? On the loops there are people who swear agents/editors make sure you have a blog or other web-presence. I expect those are agents/editors who are bored and curious and avoiding work like the rest of us blog-readers.

Or probably they want to make sure they don't sign on a writer whose nickname for her current agent/editor is WhoreDog.

My guess is when they read your blog, they're vetting the person, not the promoter. Hey you do know that "Vetting" comes from veterinarian? Before a race, you get an animal doctor to check out those horses. No, really, that's the origin. And I hope you love that as much as I do.


  1. Well, I'm doomed then, cos my blog is a load of bollocks!

    Not *actual* bollocks, but you know what I mean... LOL!

    It's just basically me yattering on, and moaning and occasionally remembering to post a bit of book news. It's not really for promo, just to amuse myself and one or two blog hoppers who pass by. :)

  2. I dunno. Is your blog just for marketing? Or is it for you?

    Re: numbers, I subscribe via Google Reader, which means I don't show up in your site meter, but I read when you post.

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Whore Dog, I'll have you know - is two words. And it's my name only.

    Isn't it?

    Wow, I'm insecure about sharing the name Whore Dog. That might not be a good thing.

    Still. It's mine. Mine.

    Hope all is well. Happy almost birthday. (Just in case I forget on the actual date.)


  4. Don't stop.

    I read every day.

  5. Yep, I read through Google Reader too, and there's probably quite a few others like me who don't show up in your stats.

    But we're out here, watching you....

  6. We're out here. Honest. :) And your blog is great -- don't quit any time soon!


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