Come on, Shannon. Go for it.

So what if farm animals don't usually make for the sexy shapeshifter (although centaurs are all the rage in the deodorant ad world.) Make Cowbody a reality. Because you're right: Methane gas is pretty hot stuff. And bulls, whoowhee. Worked as a minotaur, right?

Yo, I just wrote one with piggy shapeshifters--they weren't heroic. I'm thinking Turkey Warrior next. Not sure how the characteristics will shift with the h/h into human form. Maybe they can encounter danger every time there's a heavy storm. (even though it's a myth that turkeys are so stupid they can drown whilst looking up during a rainstorm, it's a GOOD myth. One I'd stick with)


  1. lmao! Somehow I'm thinking you could pull it off too ;)

  2. I wrote the blurb. YOU can write the story. Honest. I'm nice like that. :)


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