Yay! Look! It's in PRINT

I asked people (mostly fellow writers) what sort of contest should I hold for this book going into print. The conversation never got past the Is It The Worst Cover Ever? And then I learned that some people -- sane, happy, clever, intelligent people** -- really love the cover****  Hmm.

I'm basically informing readers who like my book('s cover) that they're goofballs. Okay, we can all agree that's not a good idea. And just because I think butt-genie when I see it, doesn't mean there isn't room in the world for butt-genies. It's certainly a nice enough butt, though it does make me wonder about a man who would wear a hard-hat and nothing. . . .  

All right already. Jeez. Can we please get past the cover? I really like this story, got it? It didn't go over well with Sarah at SBTB (my take-away quote from her review is something like "the story isn't as bad as the cover.") But I really, really like the story. I had fun writing it and I got a big kick out of the nasty old guy who cursed people and the strange, almost-like-us-world where curses aren't entirely weird.

BOTTOM LINE [heh, bottom]: Go buy this book, now. The ebook version is LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR!! The print copy is a lot more but then you get that cover, suitable for framing.

I'm going to order a few print copies to give away. Be on alert. You can may get one of these in your mailbox!

(That doesn't look quite right. On the other hand, this could inspire my best contest ever: a kind of "nice bookshelf you got here, lady. Would be a shame if anything happened to it." event. It would be a "enter this contest or a copy of this book might show up on your doorstep.") 

**people who read my books

**** I just hope some book sellers are among
1. the ranks of the book's admirers
2. get really tipsy before they put in their orders and are in the mood for major snark-giggling.


  1. I love the cover, its gorgeous!
    I so wanna read this.

  2. SEE? Good, intelligent, perceptive people appreciate the cover -- like you and Wendy Roberts.

  3. it may not be the 'best' cover, but it's far from the worst. Besides, on an e-reader who really sees the cover. Hmm, it will be a little different in a print book, but for me it's always the words inside that makes me like/not like a book. Usually I barely notice the cover...


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