Check out the interview with me over at All Romance Ebooks. My elongated face is my fault. They told me what size they wanted and I didn't check carefully enough. That photo doesn't look like me anyway. It's six years old and it has been a long six years--for my face anyway.

In other news, I missed SBD. I should go visit Rachel's place to talk about Frankie, because I love Frankie but I haven't yet. I read all the Naomi Noviks way too quickly and now my arms are tired from flying around Europe, China and Australia. The battles blended together and Laurence started to get on my nerves (although I think he's finally figured out that he's adhering to a system that will never appreciate him or his best friend. And might not be the best of all possible worlds after all.)

I really should learn to space out books in a series better, but . .  . oh well.  I eat too fast too.


  1. "...and it has been a long six years--for my face anyway." hehehehehehehehehe

    Was I so mean to Frankie that you wouldn't even speak to me about it? ;-)

    I was never able to get into the Novik series. I read two (the first and the sixth???) and the second was an accident (that sounds weird but it's true). It's one of those series that always makes me feel lacking. Everyone likes them so much that I must be missing something.

    I enjoyed the interview!


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