Open your mouth, gift horse.

A really nice review for Gentleman and Rogue. 

Except now I'd like a review or two for Claws on Silk or Seducing Miss Dunaway or some other title.

I'd also like all these people--the ones I begged to come home, the people I missed so much--to stop taking up so much space and air.

AND while I'm working on that sort of yes, yes, no, no thing, I want my present again--the lovely gift that I got for my birthday and then returned because it was too expensive for a toy. (A tablet.)

I swear to god, I don't know if it's harder being me or living with me. I'm currently rife with first world white lady problems. I suppose we should all be grateful I'm not whining about my manicure. (I don't have one so I have to put that subject on hold for now.)

And now that I've finished the Naomi Novik series, I want another book or ten that'll grab me like that. She's going on the list of autobuys none of whom are putting out books at the moment. Briggs? Bourne? Farr? Butler? Harrison? Tick, tick, ladies and gentlemen, my current strong sense of "I Deserve _____ Because I Returned My Gift" is going to dwindle soon. I'd like a few of your books before I turn back into my usual miserly self.


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