I can't stop reading Sookie Stackhouse books

Curse you, Harris! Curse you, library! Curse you, Kindle! I had been warned. They're like peanuts--no, those have nutritional value. They're like cheeze puffs. Eating one just leaves you wanting more and more.

I thought I don't like vampire books. I'm sick of the undead. No way will I be drawn in. I forgot I'm an addictive personality when it comes to cake, coffee and books. I will consume all there is until there is no more.

I eat and read quickly. munch munch munch.  These are easy, fluffy and reasonably fun.

I have to say that the Sookie of the first book was the best part. She was interesting and upbeat even with her meh life. Lately (I'm on book five) she's turned into a standard sort of heroine you find in these books, although the way she smiles when she's frightened is kind of nonstandard.

Pretty? check
Men falling all over her? yes (though they do seem able to exist outside her sphere. The one terribly dependent one was only terribly dependent for a little while then snapped out of it-- and we were relieved when he got back to normal)
Kick-ass? Fairly--and more so with each book.

I have to see if the library has book six. I can't afford to buy these on Kindle. AND here's the interesting thing. Some of them are cheaper in paperback than in ebook. NONE of them are cheaper in Kindle form, which shows that, yeah, Kindle's sliding into first place. Supply and demand, baby.


  1. Holy christ. there are TWENTY BOOKS in this series? I can't do this.

  2. I thought there were only 10 or 11 books in the series. Twenty seems like more. Although Harris has done a couple of related shorts in anthologies, so maybe it's approaching 20? I don't know, I stopped buy the books after four or five, and then later stopped even reading them because Sookie's MarySue-ism and hypocrisy.

    Now I just feel sort of condescending of people who love the show but think the books are trash (since as nearly as I can tell, the show is way trashier).

  3. yeah, I think I'm done. She'd seemed like a mature, thinking person at first, able to forgive people for foibles because she was bombarded with real truth 24/7 and what else could she do? And now she's more like a teenager. She got whiny and a bit mean. I get enough of that in the real world.


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