Linda and I are visiting Marie Treanor's blog today

It's shapeshifter week at Marie's place. Go on over and comment today and you might win a copy of our book. I know, everyone and her uncle is doing book give-aways, but seriously. Do this anyway. Do it for the kids. **

Speaking of those kids, last night I posted a comment on facebook that has gotten immediate and heartfelt responses--a lot of disbelief from readers, too.
Stop the presses; stop all of the presses everywhere. No, this is not a false alarm--it is the real news deal. One of my kids, one of my boys, put a fresh roll of toilet paper on the roller without being asked. AND he threw the old cardboard tube IN THE TRASH. You all carry on with your lives. I'll be over in the corner of the bathroom, gazing at the miracle, weeping with joy.

Kind of amazing how much snark it has raised.  Ha, ha, ha.

Wait. Not really. The disbelief and snark in the responses make perfect sense.

So does my enormous pride.

**Every new year's eve, my sister would pick a theme for a year. "Doin' it for the kids" was my favorite.


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