I was locked out! Can you believer it? Google and gmail LOCKED ME OUT. I couldn't get into my own places, like this blog or email or my writing group. Disabled, shunned and banned, I was a pitiable sight. (I wrote site, which is also accurate)

I sent off long, pleading letters, and short, angry notes. I filled out forms. I'm not sure which of those things eventually worked, but I'm back again. The days of no gmail served as a severe reminder that my online world isn't really mine, I'm just borrowing it.

I know who holds all the cards in this relationship. The only real power I have is to walk away and Google Gmail etc wouldn't even notice if I should do that. Well. Damn. They can just forget about the card I was going to send for their birthday, is all I have to say.

Now if we were paying customers they'd at least sigh when we washed our hands of them.

I'm still here though so they win. Again. Curse you, useful free services. Stop playing with my soul.


  1. You know you can buy gmail, right? And that probably gets you more reliable access. : )

  2. No! I didn't know that. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I use it to back up my files so that might be worth actual money to me.


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