all the reasons I shouldn't finish this book SBD

Slow Heat To Heaven

1. Just about every time the feisty female does something to show she's feisty, rather than a passive girly girl, it ends up basically a disaster. Someone has to help her, usually the hero. But she doesn't trust him through just about the end of the story.

2. She's fired the hero because of lack of trust or just showing him who's boss not once but THREE FREAKING TIMES. Every time she gets annoyed, she orders him off the premises, even though he's the only one who can do the job. He wanders back, she pouts and yells and there they go again.

3. The hero is more than a jerk. He's a jerk's jerk. Everyone over at amazon points to his "I shoulda raped you when I could have" remark, but a dumb remark like that in passing is nothing compared to the way he uses females and struts around.
3a his name is Cash.

4. Brown's newer books are so much better. Why don't I read one of them?

5. The Belle Terre southern manor they all fight over, in fact the whole whole bayou -- all sounds like a bad Disney set. Along with so much sweating.

6. There's the unnamed bad person who shows up in scenes all the time. Bad, cheating habit. Cheatin' cheatin' writin'.

7. Women are victims or bitches. All. Of. Them. They have no lives, no souls separate from the men.

8. Best gay friend. At least he's not twee. He is tortured, etc.

9. Purple!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. The frequent references to "ethnic" Huh. If you live in Louisiana, eating gumbo, would you think mmm this is yummy ethnic food?


  1. That title sounds vaguely familiar. I read Brown's early stuff in my early romance reading days, as a teenager. I'm a little embarrassed to say that none of the offensive stuff you mention jumped out at my 19 year old self.

  2. I have a very satisfying hate-on for that book. As I read it, I sort of wanted someone to point out its good points, but this is better. Also I thought of more reasons I hate it. And even more .... but I think I'm done ranting.

    So much smoking and sweating in that book, not to mention drawling and posing in doorways. Low slung jeans. Granted with the many descriptions like that, I could practically see Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman, being all Cat on Hot Tin Roof which is fun to remember. And wasn't Big Daddy Burl Ives? He'd be a good Cotton.

  3. (the main page says there are 2 comments but they aren't showing up for me, hope this isn't repeating what has already been said:)

    I was born in - and spent many years in - Louisiana, good call on that ethnic bit. I would go further and say that the food from that region is one of the only truly American culinary creations out there!

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