Ok, I might be in a state of permanently twisted knickers because EVERYTHING is outraging me, including the books I've tried to listen to.

Jeebus god, the woman in the first book must have Stockholm syndrome because she puts up with all sorts of crap from the hero, who is 18 years older than she is, which is borderline creepy and let's add on the fact that he had been in love with her mother. He's a real charmer who stalks her and screams at her and when he's in a good mood, talks to her as if she's a moron. (there's also the way he does things like calling Vietnamese "gooks").

There is so much astonishment from the male characters about a "lady lawyer" , and they're all surprised that she's so pretty and yet a lawyer. Add on that a bunch of talk about her tasty buns from her boss that I'm thinking this must be a book from the 1960s. But no, it's from 1989. I was an adult for most of the 80s and there is no way in hell a professional, powerful woman would put up with this sort of treatment. I was a major wimp, basically a people-pleaser, and I wouldn't have.

So after harrumphing about that book, I tried another and that one is worse. God, no wonder people roll their eyes about romances. This one is overwritten and overwrought. I'm giving up on this stinker before the hero and heroine even meet. I'd type the titles and more details but I really don't need to turn into an unfunny version of Mrs Giggles.


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