more books.

It's all about the books I'm reading these days. But. So. Well. Anyway.
These m/m books are starting to get to me. It's strange entering a universe where very few women appear and they aren't fully developed people when they do. It's a lot like reading much of the dead white guy material or watching A Boy and His Dog.

The freebie I got from Amazon last week has constant butt sex. He gets so much up the rear and so often that I fear for the man's digestive system. And for some reason, pre-cum gets a lot of play. It's dribble time constantly for these boys. They leak like hoses that the dog has chewed on.

The interesting thing about this latest book is that the sex doesn't seem so believable to me, in part because there's no recovery time between bouts. I thought for sure it had to be a female author. Nope. A genuine gay male wrote it.

I'm off the m/m for a while, I think, or at least the erotic brand. It's time to go back to Harry Bosch and that grimness. Although come to think of it, Bosch isn't as convincingly grim as Lush Life. If I need a dose of Oh, What is the point? I should look for more of those books.

In other we have other news? Not me. Except I have to go get ready for a visiting dog.


  1. Those poor men. Good thing they are fictional.

  2. Hey, don't waste your pity on them. They had a wonderful time with their tight hard butts and leaking faucets that never grew soft. Both of them had magnificent bodies, of course.

    I really should de-snark when I talk about other people's writing.

    No, really. It's a matter of what goes around comes around.

  3. "the sex doesn't seem so believable to me"
    I like this part,,
    btw this is a good blog too


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