whining about the whiner

Once again a book has lost me fast. In this case, the heroine is obsessed with her poverty. I can see a character worrying about not making ends meet--that seems real. But this woman with a reasonable job continuously frets about her "poverty" and the examples we're given? Her car is five years old. All of her furniture is used. She has to pack her lunches for work. She only has two pairs of high heeled designer shoes, but they were bought on ebay

No, sorry. You're out, lady.

Oh, and here's the deal-breaker. She's been held hostage and shot at and this long list of her woes is what occurs to her after she flees the scene of violence and goes home. Yeah, right. The first thing anyone would think about just after they'd been shot at is, "shit, I wish my car wasn't five years old."**

Next book.....I think I'll re-listen to Stephen Briggs reading A Hat Full of Sky. I could use a heroine with a more interesting view of the universe.


** In my case I'd have whine that I wished my car wasn't 17 years old.... Except that isn't part of my lengthy whine parade...as long as the thing reliably goes from point A to point B, I couldn't care less. Yeah, I'm being holier-than-her, but jeez---even if I was a more acquisitive person and longed for designer duds, this heroine would annoy me because of the context of the whinging.


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