what do we have to offer our listeners today?

I have a short thing coming out this week and then a full book out in July and a couple of audiobooks any day now and . .  when I think of all these things with my name on them I think PROMO-OH-NO.

I've read several books' worth of articles and listened to hours of talks and the only thing they all seem to agree about is promo, yeah, got to do it. Get it done, they say, and I agree (the difference between us is they provide happy, heartening cheers, plus a lot of spreadsheets and handouts).

So consider this an advance warning about the tweets, the facebook pushes, the google plus buzzing, the articles here and elsewhere. I wish I could do a NPR thing -- if I manage to sell 10K copies of a book, I promise to shorten my promo period. Give me your money now AND you get this book AND maybe this coffee mug** AND we all get me to shut up.

So I can be bribed. Anyone want 10K copies of an ebook? Sorry, I can't do anything about the other 900,000,000 authors with books/recordings/short stories out this month though.

**how about one of the old NPR or NPTV mugs we got from fundraisers in the past? I have at least a couple around here some place. The writing is worn off and they're chipped but that just makes them feel more home-like. Shabby chic!


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