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4.5 stars! from RT Magazine
This is a sweet, funny and emotional tale. This modern take on Daddy-Long-Legs, by Jean Webster, has wonderful, fully developed characters... This incredible story will appeal to adult as well as young readers. --Romantic Times

Thank You, Mrs. M. is a wonderful read...This is a poignant and enjoyable read. --Night Owl Reviews

This is not just Daddy Long Legs gender-reversed and updated for shock value, but a thoughtful and really interesting re-imagining of how the story might play out in today's world.

There are light homages to the original, which add a bit of extra glow to the romance if you're a fan, but what really made the story for me were the differences. It turns out the unknown philanthropist, here dubbed by our narrator Ben as "Mrs. Moneybags," has private, very unexpected motivations for helping orphaned Ben through college. And it was appropriate that Ben, who's described as very smart and thinking outside the box, catches on to what those are. --willaful
This is a book I keep pushing on the public, even after the public refuses to pay attention. I feel like a mother shoving a spoon loaded with pudding at a child who refuses to open its mouth  ("not even for a delicious free try, sweetie?" coos Mom).

I'm not sure why I'm reluctant to let some books go into that deep, dark oblivion and others I wave goodbye to without much regret. Adios Fugitive Heart for instance. Most of the time when I shamelessly shove and re-shove books at people, it's because the books in quetion are like other stories I've written--the same genre. I've never written another one like this one and I doubt I ever will.

So yeah, I'm not sure why either, except.....Free at Amazon for another 24 hours! Get your copy. ("Open wide, dear. Just a teeny taste.")


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