SBD and Promo

Let's get this done now: an early SBD... thumbs up for a Spark of Death by Bernadette Pajer. The book has a nice portrait of turn-of-the-20th-century Seattle and I like spending time with the hero, Professor Bradshaw. He's ever so slightly persnicketty and fastidious but, it turns out, for good reason. Golly, he's a sweet guy.

The only part I didn't love was the romancey bits, which is kind of funny, since, you know. Romance writer.

I even enjoyed the electrical engineering bits though I most resemble the clodhopping cop who can't follow the lectures. As soon as I hit send on this blog entry, I'm on the hunt for the next in the series.

No wait, I can't. I have a Billy Boyle book that's about to expire. Eek. 

Next up on the agenda....

I have some presents for you. This is the promo part, but really, don't roll your eyes. I'm talking GIFTS! and the strings are very lightly attached, practically invisible.

What do I have? AUDIOBOOKS at AUDIBLE.COM! The Gentleman and the Rogue and Someone to Cherish are audiobooks, and I can let a couple of you lucky people have coupons to get FREE COPIES.

You just have to email me at katerothwell at That's easy! After that comes the whole applying a coupon to the purchase thing, a process that stymied me, but never mind that.

Also, Bonnie and I have a book coming out July 9, and if you want a review copy of The Gentleman's Keeper, let me know. I still have a couple I can give out. Did you see? It was, a starred Publisher's Weekly book!  See? See????
Devon and Dee (The Gentleman and the Rogue) fill this expertly written gay Victorian romance with emotional tension. ....... Well paced with realistic characters, this deep story is a must-read for fans of gay historicals. (July)
If you didn't see that review or a reference to that review, then you haven't been anywhere near me online or in real life recently. Because I've mentioned that review once or twice or a thousand times.

Yo. Write to me and let me know if you want a recording or a book. Thank you.


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