The Tail of the Dog, the fundraising story

You can read the book free here my blog or at goodreads (or eventually at the new m/m romance website)

But if you want to give money to a worthy cause (and I don't just mean to pay off  my kid who did the cover for me) 
 You can buy a copy at Amazon
You can buy a copy at Barnes and Noble. 
for less than a dollar! 

Once I've paid the kid and Amazon has taken its chunk, all of the profits from sales for the next half year will go to a rescue I've seen in action.

If you're one of my facebook friends, you've probably noticed the pictures I occasionally post: adoption pleas for pups who're about to be euthanized ** Nearly every time the dogs are listed, we get to type "ADOPTED!" on those links, and it's often thanks to these guys, showing up at the zero hour for the City of Hartford animal shelter.

From their webpage:

Ruff Start Happy Tails is dedicated to the rescue and placement of homeless animals, many of whom are rescued at the very last moment from euthanasia at shelters. We provide a safe haven to all those who find their way to us through a variety of circumstances.

Ruff Start Happy Tails does not have a shelter and relies solely on a network of foster homes and volunteers. We receive no public funding and count on the generosity of others to help defray our costs, which include vet bills and other medical expenses.

So when you buy a copy of the short story, you not only get a book described as "cute!" and "sweet!" and "hey where's the hot sex? there's no hot sex!" by a bunch of people,  you support a worthy cause and you get an adorbs picture of a dog ... that doesn't look anything like the dog in the original picture. (Story adjusted to fit new pup.)

Last year, I did this same sort of fundraising thing for AIDS/Lifecycle with my short story for the goodreads group, and I ended up donating $200.

Let's give Ruff Start Happy Tails even more! 


**those "Save the Pups!" pictures have lost me a number of facebook followers, including my oldest who couldn't take the pressure. But the sharing thing is good! It gets those dogs adopted!


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