why did I say that thing on twitter?

 anyone who worships a god who kills kids if people don't pray to him, isn't convincing me that this is a god I want in my kids' school 

 I said that in response to things like this I keep seeing all over the internet:

I know I was being simplistic. Although it's clear that any kid reading that message would see this: god's at the door keeping us safe and if we don't pray to him he'll abandon us. 

In fact, as someone pointed out, the message is that Huckabee and others are saying that by pushing God out of schools, we reduce the morality and the respect for others out of our schools including the commandments. 

That's not as simplistic but it still doesn't work for me. Not at all.

I just do not buy that unless you pray to God, you will not develop true morality, a conscience or any true form of humanity.

I resent any implication that it is somehow it is unbelievers faults' that children die.

 I resent being told that religion will answer every problem like this when it might well have been a case of neglected medication, or some failure of communication, or some other sad human (or otherwise) based fact or incident that leads to this sort of tragedy.

Also I'm sad, and sorrow seems to turn into anger pretty easily. 


  1. Tracy macnish9:46 PM

    This is beautiful and so are you.

  2. Spot on, you couldn't be more right. Don't fret about others disagreeing at first, you are perfectly suited to set them straight.


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