Merry Christmas.

Warning, dog stupidity and grossness to follow.

I woke up about 6 Christmas morning to the sound of dogs hurking. Two dogs, one after the other, hucka-hucka-hucka blarrrrrrrgh.

After I cleaned up and let them back into the house, they drank and drank--way too much water, hurked again and then cheered up. Their bellies seemed too full though. I wondered if maybe there was some extra food involved. I wandered the house, trying to figure out what they'd gotten into. I gave up, sat down to drink my coffee.

bad barfing dog poses next to the scene of the crime
And then I noticed what they'd been up to last night.

They'd unearthed last of the basil, left the dirt on the floor. Far more dramatic: the 4 year old poinsettia had gone from leafy to totally bare. Aha. Good thing it's actually not poisonous.

Here's what it does do to dogs: after the hurking water-gulping period there follows the nastiest, stinkiest farts ever. Followed by horrible stinky loose feces. so it's pretty much doggy business as usual. . . .

The small dog is sweet and innocent, but only because she probably couldn't reach the leaves.


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