SBD another vampire

I was going to swear off vampires and werewolves, but our local library seems to have a huge stock of them. Given a choice between Debbie Macomber and a bunch of deadly undeads....well. I suppose I could try reading Schopenhauer, but at the moment I'm trying to escape horrible edits and that means ESCAPE. Dense philosophical writing just doesn't let you float away in someone else's world.

Cherie Priest's vampire took some time to get used to. She kills nearly everyone she meets who annoys her, she gets self-righteous and self-deprecating at the same time (it's an interesting skill) and her first person voice is occasionally annoying. But the secondary characters, the ex-SEAL drag queen, the annoying little kids, are what I liked. I read the first book and now I know I'm addicted. Only one book is in the library and so that means I'll be buying Priest lunch -- or if the series is long, dinner.


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