SBD I can't stop to read edition

I'm too busy admiring the make-up jobs on The Walking Dead. Seriously, except for the make-up, the zombies are dull, dull, dull, and if I never see another spurting head wound from some human character using a pen/knife/axe/pieceofglass on a zombie character, I'll be happy. Zombies are deadly killing machines, and deadly boring. The scenes of them huddled around some dead thing gnawing on bits--I'm past that too. I watch and wonder what the zombie-actors are munching down. Jello? Rubber?

As constant horrible threats, sure, sure, the WD need to be there. But as actual footage--naw.

So why am I watching this if I'm not a gore-hound? 

hey, good lookin'
I want to see which way Daryl goes (I'm turning into a Daryl fan), to find out if Rick will kill more people, to watch Lori die because man, she's annoying. Although at least the women are less loser-iffic in the second season. I swear the writers of that show started out writing like a bunch of misogynists.  What a bunch of incomprehensible characterless angry whiners the women were. Now the writers have turned into plain old misanthropes, but that's fine. Lord of the Flies FTW.

I'm totally addicted. I haven't seen any of the third season so I guess I'll have to stay up all night tonight to watch. I wonder who's going to channel Dale the slightly annoying voice of conscience? Or is that gone forever and ever? I'm turning into either a zombie or one of the twisted souls because I wouldn't mind seeing the kid (Carl, ie the hope for the future) vanish too.


  1. It's barbecue. Yes, I am that much of a Walking Dead geek.

    Have you tried the graphic novel?

  2. You know for sure? Makes sense of course. Yummy, yummy red barbecue.

  3. Yay another victim/fan! It is addictive, and awesome, and I love it and need more episodes.

    About the zombies: of course the killing is the attraction for some sick fucks out there, but it really does get tiresome for those of us who aren't into it. Mad Men has this same problem - I love it for the characters and story arcs, and then meet people who watch it just to look at the set design and costumes. But at least the costumes and set design aren't gruesome and grisly.

    ANYWAY. I was never too annoyed by Lori or the kid. And whatever annoyance I had was gone like the wind in the 3rd season. Shit gets awesome in the 3rd season.

    Hallo Kate, happy new year!

  4. Yep, Kate, it's barbecue. I have the computer on so I can follow the new episodes with story sync on the website. They drop tidbits like that at random.

  5. if meryl reforms and becomes a new man and all the zombies die and he moves in with his brother and the relationship with daryl and carol turns into something permanent. THAT WOULD BE AN AWESOME HOUSEHOLD OF MERYL DARYL AND CAROL. They'd just need to get another roommate, Sheryl.

    I need to get to work and stop whining too.

  6. I hate when you have a good show and the female characters suck. I know what you mean about wanting to see her get taken out. I am not a zombie fan either but I guess that's cause I'm not into gore...I do like some vampires...but I prefer human killers(?) *Eek (That phrasing makes me seem a little weird; but at least I don't watch Dexter.) LOL...anyway, I prefer human killers like Assassins and Hitmen.


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