hero defined

Okay, I got one: Adam Parascandola is a hero.

I already appreciated him when I was avoiding work and found this video.
but then I found this article about how he helps some of the people he raids. That takes a generous, amazing soul, to see the horrible conditions of the animals and understand the people involved require aid too. And then to be the one to administer that help? Yessiree, hero.

from the article:

As the director of the shelter's law enforcement efforts, Parascandola befriended a woman while investigating complaints about her petkeeping, Smith recalls. Instead of removing the animals and forgetting about her, Parascandola provided years of support. "He took her grocery shopping, and he picked her up from the hospital and visited her in the hospital until the day she died," Smith says. "He is just that kind of person."


  1. Love this story, Kate. Thanks for sharing.


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