voting on the inessential matter of my hair

It's not quite on the scale of asking the interwebs whether or not I should have children -- but I've been collecting hair opinions on twitter. In about 20 minutes, I'm getting a hair cut. Lots of them cut har, har.

I don't have strong opinions because I don't look at myself and I don't spend hours messing with my hair. It's nice that other people do have opinions that they're sharing. I feel less invisible.

Here's the thing: my hair hasn't failed me. Boobs, bod, face, they're all heading south, literally. The metabolism has ground to a halt--all that weight I lost? Every pound has come back, hello.

The hair has some grey in it, but I don't mind that. I still have a lot of it, it's thick, it grows the way its supposed to.

Curse you for your inevitable betrayal, body. Thank you for hanging on, hair.

Which of the two do I want to chop bits off of? Not the agreeable, obligingly curling one. But of course the other isn't up for choppage.


  1. Word. I could have written every word of this. Yeah, I have some grey hair, but most of it is still the pretty brown it's always been. So I decided to let my hair grow out. 4 more inches and I have enough to donate to one of those places that makes wigs for cancer patients.


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