please! close that door

I bought a book from amazon, opened my Kindle and almost at once was filled with disappointment and switched to another book**. I just don't have the taste for one of Those Books. I mean, it's fine with me if other people want to read that sort of thing. Live and let live. But I find the long descriptions of that activity distasteful. I'd rather that happened behind closed doors and long descriptions make me uncomfortable because I feel as if I'm intruding on something I think should be kept private. Sure it's precious to you, but I don't want to read about it.

I'm talking God, specifically the characters' relationship with the deity.

So anyway. If you read this, you know I've already ranted about how I don't like to read books with lots of God and how I think Religious activity is to inspies as Sex is to the erotic romance.

The only reason I'm bringing this up again is because times are changing. Used to be you could tell from the title or the little steeple on the cover or a particular line from a publisher. Now? They're sneaking in religion with mainstream covers.

My books ALWAYS have a little description of what could possibly offend readers. WARNING: M/m activity. Bondage. Etc. Well? I want warnings like that. Obviously there has to be a sliding scale to this sort of thing.
WARNING: This book contains many references to spirituality
WARNING: This book contains many references to miracles performed by Christian God.

And I think publishers should start with a praying hands system. It works with flames and sex, right? Time to put little hands in the description. Or a warning.

One praying hand=multiple references to spirituality without specifying which God
No more than three mentions of relying on prayer/God.

Two praying hands=main characters mention God more than a couple of times and have discussions of accepting True God. Possible mention of Jesus or other savior.

Three praying hands=There's more God than actual story in these pages (kind of like erotica has more sex than plot.)


**I wrote "and put the book down" but that's not how Kindle works.


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