after a day at a lil conference

Q: What did you get from this conference, Kate? Anything worth sharing?
A: Jennifer Fusco is amazing. Jessica Andersen and Jennifer Fusco are a perfect team. Eloisa James still does a good keynote, although she did end with a standard/traditional note after avoiding the heck out of that for most of the rest of the speech. Sarah from Smart Bitches is funny, even after all these years. It's only right and proper that Toni won the Ipad though I wanted that baby, bad. CTRWA does a fine lil conference.

Q: What about the industry? What about trends yadayayada? Anything useful?
A: Not that I can recall. Except don't mix your professional and personal and lay off the whining.

Q: Was it as bad as you'd expected?
A: Naw, it never is. But I don't want to do that again. Until the next time. Oh, GOD. RWA is soon. No, I can't bear it, no, no, n--whoops, that's not whining.

Q: Any advice?
A: Don't bother pitching for yourself. have Corrina Lawson do it for you.


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