sbd labor day

Oooo I love that Jennifer Crusie book I just read. Yeah, it had ghosts, and I'm not big on ghosts, but so what. The characters were as good as they come. I wrote a review over at Amazon, but it's not up yet.

I read my first Clive Cussler and was taken aback by the clunky writing and cliches. We learned the hair and eye color of every character and the horse power of every vehicle, and considering it was set in 1906, there were a heck of a lot of vehicles discussed. Purple prose, too. I seriously don't get how that works for people, but it does. For a hell of a lot of them -- so he must be doing something right. Right? Yes?

Why don't people buy more books by the authors I love so that they can quit their day jobs and write stories for me?

I went looking for the newest RA MacAvoy or KG MacAbee and they still haven't written anything new. And Nancy Butler, too. Where is she? It's depressing me. At least I know I'll find out when/if Diane Farr writes another book.


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