bah, humbug,,,,,

Yet another great review for The Gentleman and The Rogue!

And yet another letter I wrote this week pointing out that Bonnie Dee didn't write that book on her own. (ARe left off Summer Devon with Seducing Stephen)

Hey, Bonnie could have written those books alone -- but she didn't.

And I didn't get annoyed the first couple of times Summer got left off a review or listing, but when I was reading that JERR review (which is great, but I'm not sure about their policy about reproducing it, so I won't) I finally got Shirty and Annoyed. I mean, jeez. Does Mandy Roth and/or Michelle Pillow deal with whichever one of them doesn't make it onto the lists? Is that why I don't see them writing together any more? I hope not.

And yeah, I know. It really isn't truly a big deal. It didn't bother me the first couple of times.For some reason it's happened enough times that I'm officially annoyed. Repetition apparently makes a big difference. Like one of those scenes in a movie in which the first time a character is asked an innocuous question, he's fine, but by the fifth or sixth time someone asks the same question, he's screaming an answer.

But just now, as I was politely wording a note about it to a non-reviewer review (as in just a reader), I realized that I was being forced to be proactive in a polite manner. Not self-righteous because, god, if you're going to give the book a fabulous review, I'm going to be as polite as possible. ** I'm going to be grateful, dammit.

And I realized this is why this mistake is good: I don't like being a pushy author to the point where I can't do decent interviews -- I occasionally end up looking coy and stupid about my work. This is forcing me to be a pushy author. Just pointing out that I CO-WROTE THE BOOK isn't really bragging. So the exercise of keeping up with the reviewers who leave me off is good for the authorial bragging muscles. Okay. I'm done being cheesed off. Good.

UPDATE: and less than an hour after I sent my note, JERR sent out a separate note to all of its readers apologizing about the mistake. I guess there's no point in feeling like a diva-esque goober. Can't have it both ways, Summer.

**And if the review says "this book by Bonnie Dee sucks!" will I eagerly point out that I'm a co-author? Don't know. Haven't gotten that yet.


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