my life as a rioter is looking kind of pleasant

I submitted to Big Name NYC Publisher again for the first time in a long time and I forgot how cool it feels to just . . . do that. I suspect my synopsis wasn't romance-y enough so it'll be a no, but still. Fun.

And I liked the editor I subbed to--I met her last weekend. Liking someone isn't the big deal important part of course, we all know that. But it's icing on the cake. (big deal important = making gigundo bucks)

So. NYC. A fair number of writers I know and respect have figured out that they can make the money they need via epublishing. Yeah, we all heard that for years from defensive ebook writers, but turns out nowadays it's true, sometimes. You can support yourself with those ebook sales. (you, not me, yet)

I'm hearing them say, eh, why bother with NY? And they're right. But still. I'd love to be NY pubbed again. I liked those translated copies of my books.

What else? I wrote a note to a publisher mentioning some of my Concerns and Issues. Within 24 hours, I got an answer from the publisher, a head-cheese editor AND results. Now I feel I must write a book that will sell a gazillion copies to pay them back for being so responsive and pleasant. Wooo-boy, I see the crazy-sauce threats (and rumors about) other ebookish publishers. I immediately light another candle on my "Grateful They're Sane and Professional" altar.

And have I mentioned lately how much I love Sandra the editor at Loose-id who works on our Bonnie Dee / Summer Devon books (and soon my single Summer Devon title) ? She gets out her magnifying glass, looking for those nits, they flee (flea?) with terror. I just love that stuff. Love. It. And the FLE editor there is also pretty darned picky, although she wasn't as much this time for our November book. I worry when there aren't comments all over the pages.

Now if we can get another Ann Cain cover (or something like it) Life will be sweet. I do hope that plot-and-character bushwa works for the story, but I can't tell any more because my brain shut off on that one a while ago.

Right. So now that I've got that positive stuff out of the way, can I start whining again? I have nothing in mind to complain about at the moment, but I want to make sure the coast is clear. Got to be sure I have the frequent happy flier miles built up before I suck them away with despair and drudge.


  1. Good luck with your submission.

    I've been checking into epubs lately. Seems like the way to make money there is writing lots of books per year. I read a blog post by an author who broke down what she made: around $30k, with multiple books.

    It also seems like epubs are still about niche markets. If only I could write erotic futuristic steampunk!

  2. Hmm. I think I could write erotic steampunk. But I am still wondering how to edit head cheese.

    Best of luck, Kate. Glad one of us is still writing.


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